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I want to tell YOU a Secret


It is mostly about how to feel good right now but it also is a bit about how to attract more of what you want.  Really, really want into your life.  Yes, thoughts are very important and we should become masters of our thoughts through self inquiry because they tell us what direction we are pointed in and where we are going. But thoughts only come to life when we feel into them and call them true.

Feelings are the engine in the big ship called life.  They move us closer to our focus, good or bad, because how we feel drives our actions.

So if you are ready to start feeling better right now let’s begin with the end in mind and imagine that you already have it, already achieved it, already have become that which you are seeking.  Your imagination is one of the greatest tools you have in feeling better right now.  So let’s use it.

Tell me.
What do YOU want?

  1. Take your answer and for a few minutes describe exactly what having it right now feels like.  Focus on the details.  Use your mind’s eye and marinate in the feelings your picture creates.
  2. Why do you want it?  What does it feel like to have it?  What does it smell like?  Taste like?  What is the texture?  What kind of person are you in this scenario?  What kind of things do you say?
  3. Practice asking yourself different questions until you can feel the reality of your dream with every ounce of your being.  Then…
  4. Detach and let go

This is called growing your feelings.  It allows us to feel better right now while moving into vibrational alignment with our goal, and the more we practice, the sooner we clear the path for it to manifest into our everyday existence.

Try it.
See if you feel better.

And remember:

 “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attraction.”  – Albert Einstein


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What Are You Choosing?

j0433132Your thoughts create your feelings

Your feelings drive your actions

Your actions shape your world

Choose your thoughts

Choose your world




I believe.     I create.      My world.

No BS Allowed!

I am just me.  And as me, just being me, I can tell you that I have the attention span of a gnat, a voracious appetite for adventure, a mouth that curses like a sailor gone wrong, and an inner child that lives balls out. 

I have screwed up a lot.  I mean it.  A LOT.   I like this about me.  It is what makes me a great friend and a great coach.  Beyond the entertainment value, you know there is never any judgment.  I have most likely been in your shoes.  Not once will I say “I told you so…” I usually go in the opposite direction of well meaning advice from others.  You will never hear that I have all the answers, because only you know your truth.  All of my mistakes, whimsical decisions, and cracker jack choices are why I know a lot about how to pick your self back up and put yourself together, again.


            “I have climbed the ladder of success wrong by wrong.” 
                                                                                                             – Mae West


It is called the art of turning inward.   Each blunder offers us the opportunity to demonstrate that only the thoughts around what we are experiencing have the ability to perpetuate our suffering or set us free.  This is why it is so important to ask really great questions; because in return, we get really great answers. 

If I didn’t know these things, I would be dead.  Seriously.  Not getting it right the first time means that I got really good at practice and even better at practicing my practice.

If you want to uncover the catalyst that drives your behavior come sit next to me.  I don’t know your answers, but I do have some blow your mind, no bullshit allowed, tools in my belt to assist you in becoming the navigator of your life.

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Increase your Juicy JuJu

CB060658This is my favorite meditation that gets all of my juices flowing…  and quickly.  Begin with the first exercise and as you progress move on the next one.  This has been adapted from Tom Kenyan and Virginia Essene’s book: The Hathor Material.  Exercise 4 is my own.  I have found it incredibly effective in attracting that which I most desire.

 Come to rest in a comfortable position.

Imagine a column that runs through the center of your energy field.  It starts above you and enters your body at your crown, moves through the solar plexus, and descends from the root chakra down into the Earth.  This is your pranic tube.  If you make a circle with your thumb and index finger this is the approximate size it should be.  The purpose of this exercise is to increase your energy by bringing the prana, life force, or chi from the Heavens and Earth into your system and releasing it out into your physical body and energy field.  Your mind will become clearer, your physical and emotional body will become healthier, your inner stillness will become more expansive, and you will be a more powerful creator.

 First Exercise:

On the first breath, inhale energy up from the Earth into the pranic tube, relax and let it go. With the second breath, bring down the Celestial energy into your body’s pranic tube and as you did with the first, relax and let it go.  Breathe in the grounding and nurturing energy from the Earth.  Breathe out and let it go.  Breathe in the cleansing and healing light energy from the Heavens. Breathe out and let it go. Continue to alternate breaths until you fully experience the flow of energy in the pranic tube.  Do not move on until you can physically feel the sensations of energy moving.  There is no judgment on how long this takes.

 Second Exercise:

The next step is to draw the life force into your pranic tube and circulate it throughout your physical body.  As you did before bring in the energy from the Heavens and the Earth alternating with each breath.  On your first breath, breathe in and it hold for a second.  As you breathe out bring your awareness to your physical body.  Energy flows where attention goes.  Doing this will move the life force energy into your body, invigorating every cell.  Continue to alternate breathing in, holding, and breathing out into your body. 

 Third Exercise:

Place your awareness in your heart chakra and begin to feel unconditional love and acceptance.  You must get to a feeling state.  Just thinking love will not work.  Once you have felt your way into a space where you are radiating love and acceptance, breathe in the life force.  Hold.  Bring your attention to the pranic tube and then release it out into your physical body.  This action is breathing in the energies of the Heavens and Earth, qualifying them with love and breathing them out into your physical body.  Remember to maintain the feeling state of love while you perform this exercise.

 Fourth Exercise:

For the fourth exercise, think of a goal that you want to achieve or something that you want to attract into your life.  What is the feeling behind what you want?  Get really specific here.  What does it feel like to have it?  Touch it?  Hold it?  Be it?  Once you are fully experiencing that which you desire, repeat the steps from Exercise Three.  While maintaining the feeling state, breathe in.  Hold.  Breathe out into your physical body.  Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out into your energy field.  Grow the feeling and move it through every cell of your existence.  This will make you an amazing magnet for what you want to attract.  Because you are teaching your energy field and physical body that the feeling you want has already been achieved, the Universe will assist in making the path to your desire clear and direct.