**Kat the Yippy**


I am convinced that the rapture of heaven can be found in the breathtaking simplicity of this moment. Laced into the essence of awareness is the presence of our Creator. My journey is to experience this knowing in every second as I step into the expansion of presence and the soul’s ascension through love.

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Just another tree hugging, sprout eating, meditating, girl who chooses happiness, creates health, votes with her dollar, loves a great pair of stilettos – AND believes in the power of OM.

If you want more me.  Check out my Raw. Naked. Truth.


2 responses to “**Kat the Yippy**

  1. Hello there..You have a very insightful blog and am drawn towards your wave of thought..
    I have my own viewpoints of this beautiful world we live in..So check this out..Reality is just this moment, the indivisible blob of colour around (subject-object) we call the world, but in calling it the world, we’re
    constructing a form in our heads. As time goes by, the form gets engraved deeper and deeper in our heads, until we see the form, not the indivisible blob anymore, and in that sense, lose touch with reality, literally. It gets in the way of the consciousness-existence connection. (Subject-form-object)
    The forms are necessary for us to perform actions fast. If I had to see, “Ooh, indivisible blob”, and just be…all the time, I would be
    unable to act, unable to type. In order for me to type, I must isolate the form “keyboard” from the blob mentally, and use the forms in my head that tell me where the keys are, more forms…until I’ve got this entire world of forms in my head. But make no mistake, the forms are not the world. The world has been, is and will be that indivisible blob.
    As I get used to the forms and get more educated, the world becomes boring. I’ve seen it all…. And meditation
    focuses your attention in the moment so much that you’re forced to look deeper, look, really look until your consciousness peels away the forms and reveals the world in all its ever-present wow. And we can choose to impose creative forms upon it and create poetry to stimulate ourselves, even then, which is why performing any act under meditation is extreme fun. This world of forms, I call a map. Zen, Hinduism all aim to destroy this map so you can be in tune with the reality of subject & object with nothing in between.

    I’ve been meditating since I was 15 and after 12 years, I can honestly affirm that meditation helps you witness the consciousness-universe connection through bright splendor and mandalas…I see symmetry and cymatics in every step ..Not literally,but through understanding.

    • That is great insight! It parallels what science is starting to show with neurotransmitters… those that fire together, wire together. Science is always many (many) steps behind what are mystics and those who meditate have always said. Keep up your succulent journey. I hope that it remains juicy with new awareness.

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