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I want to tell YOU a Secret


It is mostly about how to feel good right now but it also is a bit about how to attract more of what you want.  Really, really want into your life.  Yes, thoughts are very important and we should become masters of our thoughts through self inquiry because they tell us what direction we are pointed in and where we are going. But thoughts only come to life when we feel into them and call them true.

Feelings are the engine in the big ship called life.  They move us closer to our focus, good or bad, because how we feel drives our actions.

So if you are ready to start feeling better right now let’s begin with the end in mind and imagine that you already have it, already achieved it, already have become that which you are seeking.  Your imagination is one of the greatest tools you have in feeling better right now.  So let’s use it.

Tell me.
What do YOU want?

  1. Take your answer and for a few minutes describe exactly what having it right now feels like.  Focus on the details.  Use your mind’s eye and marinate in the feelings your picture creates.
  2. Why do you want it?  What does it feel like to have it?  What does it smell like?  Taste like?  What is the texture?  What kind of person are you in this scenario?  What kind of things do you say?
  3. Practice asking yourself different questions until you can feel the reality of your dream with every ounce of your being.  Then…
  4. Detach and let go

This is called growing your feelings.  It allows us to feel better right now while moving into vibrational alignment with our goal, and the more we practice, the sooner we clear the path for it to manifest into our everyday existence.

Try it.
See if you feel better.

And remember:

 “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attraction.”  – Albert Einstein


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What do YOU want?



What do you want?  Come on, tell me.  What is it that you WANT? 

What moves you?  What drives you?  What gets you up everyday and fuels your desire and passion for living?  …do you know?

Seriously, take a moment here to answer these questions (you get a gold star if you write them down):

  • What are your top 5 priorities? 
  • What are the top 5 outcomes that you want to achieve during this lifetime? 
  • Are your answers similar or wildly different?   

Here is the kicker.  Make a list of your daily activities from sunrise to sunset.  List them all out. 

  • How much of your day is centered on the main priorities that you listed above? 
  • Are you moving in the direction of the top 5 outcomes you want to achieve in this lifetime? 

These are the very things that you just listed as the end all, be all, of a life well lived so where are they on your ‘to do’ list?

To live a passion filled life, centered on your priorities, you must find a way to drop what isn’t serving you while bringing the feelings behind your top desires into your everyday living.  It is the feelings behind the desired outcome we are striving to achieve and it is the consistency of experiencing those feelings that lead us into an extraordinary life.



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