Hippie + Yuppie = Yippy

Main Entry: yip.py
Pronunciation: \yi-pē\
Function: noun

 : socially conscious urban dwellers out to Save the World

How does one go about the huge task of saving the world?  We start with ourselves, of course.  One person can make a difference.  You can make a difference.  This site is about turning you on, tuning you in, and showing you how to co-create your world.  There is no one way, right way, or ‘The’ way.  There is only your way…. what ever that is today.

Here you will find lots of ideas, tools, and stories about the path to greater self-awareness.  Feel free to explore all of them, talk about them, and share your results.  Take what works and leave what doesn’t.  Always question and always turn inward for answers and your own succulent truth. 

We create our reality, whether we like it or not.  And reality in the land of yuppie, hippie hybrids is one where we believe in green, think being healthy is hip,  find spirituality sexy, and know the synergy created from self realization is the ultimate turn on.  

So, welcome to Yippyland… where waking up is so damn cool. 

Natural world


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